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Desa Visesa Cultural Experience

Bali’s modern tourism industry model is based on “cultural tourism” – a concept that at its very heart preserves, protects, and celebrates ancient Balinese-Hindu traditions and tenets that still permeate the daily life of the Balinese. Unlike any other hotel in Bali but in strict conformity with thousands of Balinese villages, the Desa Visesa is governed and operates with a village chief and banjar council.

Visesa Ubud Nature

Balinese Permaculture

A Discovery of Bali’s rural Landscapes and Scenery while
Eco-friendly Practices

Permaculture is the development of agricultural ecosystems that aims for sustainable self-sufficiency. Eco-friendly permaculture is a signature practice at Desa Visesa where more than two hectares of land have been dedicated to organic agriculture grown exclusively with natural compost.

The Balinese traditional calendar that designates auspicious days for planting, ploughing, seeding, and harvesting is strictly followed in the Resort’s farming practice. In order to help guests develop an awareness of sustainable farming practice, Visesa offers programs ranging from a brief introduction to permaculture to a six-day comprehensive program on permaculture agricultural practice.

Various fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are grown on site to support the resort with fresh local produce. For Visesa Ubud, being eco-friendly is not an empty slogan designed to impress guests, but a way of life at the very core of a unique hospitality concept.

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Balinese Permaculture Packages


Visesa Ubud Nature

Daily Life Rituals

Imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of flowing water, chirping birds and ducks. Experience a luxurious stay inspired with authentic Bali life activities. Join community farmers ploughing rice fields and catering for roosters , learn how to make traditional offerings and brew herbal healthy drinks. Discover heritage ceremonies and enjoy Balinese dancing classes.

Daily Life Activity Schedule


Time Days Activity Venue
07:00 am Daily Duck Egg Collecting Duck Hut
07:15 am Daily Duck Feeding Duck Hut and Rice Field
07:25 am Daily Duck Releasing Duck Field
07:40 am Daily Eel Trapping Rice Field and Waterway
07:55 am Daily Fish Feeding Rice Field Pond
08:05 am Daily Rooster Sun Bathing Rare Angon, Rice Field Area
08:15 am Daily Rooster Feeding Rare Angon, Rice Field Area
08:20 am Daily Ploughing Rice Field
09:00 am Daily Bertani (Farming) Permaculture Area
Daily Nyabit (Grass Cutting for Cow) Permaculture Area
Daily Mebanten (Offering Procession) Around Desa Visesa
12:00 pm Daily Megecel (Roster Workout) Permaculture
01:00 pm Daily Mandusin Sapi (Cow Bathing) Cow Bathing Pond (North Permaculture)
02:00 pm Daily Making Offering Visesa Temple
02:00 pm Mon/Wed/Fri Melukat (Blessing Ceremony) Rare Angon Yard
02:00 pm Daily Herbal Making Lesson Rare Angon Yard
03:00 pm Tue/Thur/Sat Bertani (Farming) Farming Area
05:30 pm Daily Animal Re-assembling Animal Huts
05:00 pm Daily Culture and Art activities (megambel, mekidung, menari) Visesa Temple/Taman Sari
Visesa Ubud Nature

Leisure Activities

Many individuals and families - time permitting, seek to extend their stays at the Visesa Ubud in order to partake of the almost endless number of leisure, cultural and sightseeing activities both within the Resort and laying just outside its entrance. Stay close to your comfortable accommodation to swim; work-out in the gym; perform sunrise yoga or evening meditations; join a handicraft class; try your hand at permaculture; learn how to cook Balinese food; or join a Balinese dance class. Venture a short way beyond the Visesa’s gates to join local excursion that can bring you to Royal Palaces; cruising a local river on a white-water rafting trip; sitting high on an elephant on safari; cycling through local villages; visiting one or more outstanding art museums; or exploring the extensive dining-shopping seen in nearby Ubud Village.
The most memorable part of any visit is, however, the eagerness the Balinese have to share their ancient culture with sincerely interested visitors. Among the people of this magical island - dances are to be taught and performed; temples to be explored; ancient tales to be shared; and family homes made welcoming to honored guests.

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