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Art Journey

It has been often said by Island visitors, that for the Balinese the true meaning of art is the perfect and absolute mastery of the simple rituals of everyday life.
On a daily basis, children and women lovingly fashion breathtakingly beautiful offerings of palm leaf, flowers and food that once offered to the Gods, are then abandoned at small altars and entranceways. Balinese memorize ancient, almost indecipherable, Sanskrit chants and mantras to be performed at family temples and mass ceremonies. Drivers in Bali will seek their passengers’ permission to stop momentarily to say a prayer and make a small offering for safe deliverance at a roadside altar; returning to the driver’s seat beaming with contentment with an anointment of sticky rice plastered on his forehead. Spirituality is the existential cornerstone of Balinese life.
Many Balinese give little thought or much ado to the fact that many students, farmers, drivers, and small shop operators – when they return each evening to the village banjar, segue seamlessly into becoming accomplished musicians, dancers, painters or puppeteers.
For in Bali, the essence (inti) of Balinese crafts, art, dance and music are identical with the gifts that every devout member of the community approaches his or her Creator in prayer each day.
From dance, to music, to the making of votive offerings are mysteries and rituals that can be taught and shared with every visitor to the Visesa Ubud. To join your hosts in exploring these crafts is akin to joining the Balinese in prayer.

Program for suitable for
JJunior High School Students,
High School Students,
University Students

Valid immediately – 31 December 2019
IDR 380,000 nett/person


  • Outdoor activities in the Visesa park
  • Lunch for children
  • Presenter / story teller


  • Lunch for adult accompanying the kids
  • Transport
  • Accommodation


  • 09.00 am : Visesa Village tour
  • 10.00 am : Learning how to make canang sari offerings
  • Balinese gamelan, Balinese dance lesson
  • 12.00 noon : Lunch at Warung Tani / Warung Sawah

Terms & Conditions

  • All rates includes government tax and service charge
  • Permaculture journey package are based on a minimum of 10 person

Art Journey- Desa Visesa Journey Activities for Student

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