D'Kampoeng Ubud

Discover authentic Balinese Traditional Culinary that is built around Bumbu or traditional blend of spices referred to as Base Gede in Balinese.

D'Kampoeng Ubud is a multi-functional space that is all about co-existing with the surrounding environment and appreciating a much simpler way of life. Set within a green expanse, this family leisure park is actually a self-contained village supported by a flourishing permaculture garden and live animals. As an eco-tourism spot, it is expected to evolve organically and change with each passing harvest. D’Kampoeng Ubud is a place to reconnect with nature up close and personal with a range of outdoor activities that have almost been forgotten about during this era of modernisation.

Set in an idyllic corner of Desa Visesa Ubud is the Warung Tani or Famers’ Food Kiosk - our restaurant resembling one of the ubiquitous traditional food stands found in every corner of Bali.
Warungs serve the role of providing food and refreshment for farmers and community members seeking to escape the heat of the day and satisfy any growing hunger pangs. The Balinese equivalent of the corner pub - a warung is the place to head when you’re hungry, seeking to catch up on local gossip with friends and neighbors, or simply in need of some friendly companionship.
While Balinese culinary specialties are always available at Warung Tani, you’ll also find a generous selection of delicious Western “comfort food”. In fact, it was Visesa Ubud’s idea that a restaurant in what is for some a far-away land serving dishes evoking fond memories of “home” in combination with Indonesian home cooking represents the perfect place to remedy home sickness with simple culinary pampering that’s guaranteed to bring home closer to Bali and create a setting to make friends of former strangers.
While dining at Warung Tani, don’t fail to shout greetings to local villagers working the adjacent fields that form part of the Resort’s sustainable permaculture and farming gardens. Nearby, an array of family activities are also available including feeding the farm animals, pony rides, permaculture farming tours, compost making, organic plantation, and a dedicated kids playground.

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Opening Hours

Open daily 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Seating capacity: 50 guests

Afternoon Tea

Promo Afternoon Tea

Enjoy delightful sensation of a fancy tea or coffee and scrumptious food. Treat yourself in a relaxed and natural environment overlooking the lush greenery

Start from IDR 150,000 net/person

Available from 3 pm – 5 pm


Cooking Class

Promo Cooking Class

Discover the flavors, tastes and spices from our magical Island of God. During the class you will be guided through the permaculture at the same time you will learn to appreciate the spirituality of Balinese cooking and learning the traditional skills of the island’s cuisine. After the program, you can enjoy the dishes at Warung Tani.

IDR 450,000 net/person

Minimum of 2 persons


  • Course Hand out/Recipe
  • Certificate
  • Non-alcohol beverages
  • Set Lunch (your own cooking)


In-Villa BBQ Dinner

Promo In-Villa BBQ Dinner

Desa Visesa Ubud presents the opportunity for guests to experience a truly privacy, intimacy and unique dining and respecting of Balinese culture warm hospitality service. Presenting the authentic Balinese barbeque by merging the sources from our garden as a freshest organics ingredients and prepared in way that original flavors are respected. It is available for couples and families.

IDR 2,000,000++/couple

Selection of seafood or meat


Picnic Tepi Sawah

Promo Picnic Tepi Sawah

Let nature be a part of your chilling time. A bunch of happiness is ready to celebrate a good day with your beloved one by having a choice of lunch menu option in the midst of peaceful and natural village.

IDR 175.000++/person

Available daily start from 3 – 5 pm


  • Selection of Picnic Menu
  • Ice Water
  • One-time soft drink selection


Royal Dinner

Promo Royal Dinner

An opportunity for you to dress up in traditional Balinese customes for a dinner under the stars in an enchanting temple courtyard setting. The evening begins with a ritual blessing followed by an exotic degustation menu inspired by the availability of gourmet ingredients sourced from the land and the sea. This unique dining experience honors Bali’s rich cultural heritage.

IDR 3,000,000++/couple


  • Four-course Royal Degustation Dinner at Temple
  • Balinese Costumes
  • Make-up and Hair-Do
  • Memorable Photo Documentation


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