Body Ritual

Ngegar – Enggaran Rasa

60 Minutes
IDR 750,000
IDR 450,000

Samunaring Sarire Ajeng

Drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom of royal Javanese beauty traditions, this treatment gently exfoliates the skin with a turmeric paste to remove impurities. Then a soak in a relaxing herbal bath will nourish the skin and leave you with a radiant glow
(Foot ritual ~ turmeric body scrub ~ herbal bath)


60 Minutes
IDR 763,000
IDR 457,800

Boreh Baas Cekuh And Don Biu Warp

Boreh is a paste made from crushed rice and exotic spices. It is applied to the body to create a deep-heat experience and restore depleted energy levels. Used in conjunction with a young banana leaf wrap, this treatment exfoliates dull looking skin with smooth results.
(Foot ritual ~ boreh body scrub ~ banana leaf body wrap)


60 Minutes
IDR 745,000
IDR 447,000

Jepun Bali Scrub And Mask

This deeply moisturizing body treatment uses frangipani flowers and herbs to gently eliminate impurities and hydrate the skin. It is an age-old beauty tradition used by Balinese and Javanese women to maintain youthful looking skin.
(Foot ritual ~ frangipani flower scrub ~ herbal mask)


IDR 750,000
IDR 450,000

Kelor Boreh Bali

Moringa scrub contains a very high antioxidant that can help cleanse the skin cells from free radical effect to rejuvenate your skin, prevent wrinkles and black spots
(Foot ritual ~ kelor scrub ~ herbal mask)

Ngegar – Enggaran Rasa - Body Ritual

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