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Ngresisikan Rage

150 Minutes
IDR 2,500,000
IDR 1,500,000

Signature Visesa Herbal Healing

This signature treatment has been inspired by Bali’s traditional healing legacy and features organic products from our permaculture garden. Take pleasure in a deeply relaxing herbal massage using hot compresses and classic pressure techniques to relieve stress and improve overall wellness. This is followed by a body scrub, banana leaf wrap and a long soak in a bath infused with local herbs. A refreshing herbal drink is then served to end this treatment on a sweet note.
(Herbal healing massage ~boreh scrub & wrap ~ herbal bath ~ turmeric & honey drink)


120 Minutes
IDR 1,700,000
IDR 1.020,000

Yudas Maraning Rasa

Look good and feel even better with this indulging spa experience. Feel your tension melt away with a rice farmers massage to relieve tired muscles and restore depleted energy levels. This is followed by a signature facial to gently eliminate impurities and leave your skin feeling fresh.
(Foot wash ~ rice farmers massage ~ signature facial)


150 Minutes
IDR 2,700,000
IDR 1,620,000


This ritual is the ultimate holiday indulgence that takes personal rejuvenation to the next level. It begins with a dancing fingers massage using essential oils to penetrate the skin followed by a frangipani body scrub and mask to eliminate impurities. A botanical facial will leave you with a youthful glow and then it is time to soak in a frangipani flower bath to bring the experience to a fragrant close.
(Foot wash ~ Bali rejang massage ~ jepun bali scrub & mask ~ botanical facial ~ flower bath)

Ngresisikan Rage - Body Packages

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