Cave Treatments

Panca Bandawarta Manunggal

90 Minutes
IDR 1,500,000

Pertiwi Ring Sarira

Pertiwi means earth and this hydro-soluble treatment utilizes black clay enriched with minerals. This therapy detoxifies the body as well as relieves muscular aches, sports injuries and rheumatic pain.
(Aromatic mud wrap)


90 Minutes
IDR 1,900,000

Apah Ring Sarira

This is a hydrotherapy treatment is a high pressure shower whereby the water temperature can be set accordingly and aimed at certain muscles. It is followed by a warm foam massage to reduce stress and body tension.
(Vichy shower ~ warm form massage)


90 Minutes
IDR 2,500,000

Teja Ring Sarira

Performed using warm oil and heated andesite stones, this healing massage has many health benefits. It effectively eliminates tension from the body and helps reduce rheumatic pain.
(Warm stone bed with warm oil massage)


90 Minutes
IDR 1,500,000

Bayu Ring Sarira

This unique body therapy derives from an ancient natural medical system called pranayama and has a profound impact on the nervous system. It directly calms and relaxes the body, and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves. (Pranayama energy massage)


90 Minutes
IDR 1,500,000

Akasa Ring Sarira

Akasa is a natural component of space and a length of bamboo has a space inside that can be harnessed and used to massage the body to relieve many different problems. This unique therapy helps migraines, lower back pain, post injury rehabilitation, circulatory problems and respiratory ailments.
(Green bamboo massage)

Panca Bandawarta Manunggal - Cave Treatments

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