Body Massage

Pangruktining Rase

90 Minutes
IDR 730,000
IDR 584,000

Bali Rejang Massage

This Balinese healing massage has been passed down through many generations and is based on the fluid finger movements of the Rejang Dance. It uses acupressure techniques to relieve tension and restore balance.
(Foot ritual ~ body massage)


90 Minutes
IDR 730,000
IDR 438,000

Rice Farmer Massage

Inspired by the relaxation massage given to Balinese rice farmers after spending long days working in the fields, this treatment utilizes lower arm and elbow pressure to relieve sore muscles. It is the perfect therapy to address aches, pains and tension.
(Foot ritual ~ body massage)


90 Minutes
IDR 630,000
IDR 378,000

Ritual Tapak Bandawara

This ancient healing art from the neighbouring island of Java focuses on the pressure points of the feet that correspond with different organs and muscles of the body. Together with a hand massage, this treatment improves circulation and overall wellness.
(Foot wash ~ foot massage ~ hand massage)

Pangruktining Rase - Body Massage

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