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Arguably one of the world’s most romantic locations, the major Hollywood film production “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts was filmed in Ubud. But long before Julia pedaled her bicycle through this colorful village, locals have been celebrating romance for time immemorial in the retelling of ancient Ramayana Tails, soaring dances of flirtation, elaborate ceremonial weddings, and daring elopements.

Marriage, to the Balinese, is one of life’s essential rites of passage, resplendent with elaborate rituals and offerings to smoothen the amalgamation of two families and to honor the obligation to maintain the careful balance existing within the community, with the natural environment that surrounds them, and the cosmos as a whole.

A recent governor of Bali justifiably proclaimed Bali “the Island of Love”. And in truth, what better place to celebrate a sacred union than at the Desa Visesa Ubud where our entire village eagerly join in the happy ceremonial celebrations? Desa Visesa has seven inspiring wedding venues at which to make wedding day dreams come true: Rare Angon, Taman Sari, Taman Sawah, Heliland, Kahiyang Chapel, Pura Desa, and the Ubud Royal Palace. Literally, at every turn the Resort is committed to create magical marital memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Consider celebrating your eternal love in the verdant garden surroundings of Taman Sari overlooking inspiring rice terraces. Alternatively, pledge your troth at Pura Desa - a sacred temple overlooking a small river that is the perfect spot for a private ceremony or ritual blessing. Or, to lend true regal elegance to any wedding day, with the permission and blessing of the Raja’s household, the nearby Ubud Royal Palace will transform your wedding into an event of unequalled Balinese elegance. Those in search of natural tropical surroundings will find the Kahiyang Chapel, located in the tropical permaculture gardens of the Resort, a pastoral wedding venue beyond compare.

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