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• Animal caring • Offering procession • Permaculture activities • Making offering • Rooster activities • Dance & gamelan • Re – assembling animal


• Duck egg collecting • Duck feeding • Goose feeding • Duck caring • Roster caring • Roster feeding • Fish feeding

Special Packages and Offers

Honoring past traditions, Desa Visesa Ubud features authentic Balinese experiences and discoveries through a collection of value packages and offers. We invite you to stay, learn and develop awareness and knowledge of Balinese sustainable farming principles right from the doorstep of your villas and suites.

Our Story

Honoring Past Traditions

Your Experience in Harmony, Healing Senses, Green Life and Luxury experience

Desa Visesa Ubud is a culturally inspired property designed to capture the essence of a Balinese village and satisfy curiosity about daily life on the island. The resort provides a unique opportunity to connect with a wealth of Balinese rituals and heritage. Honoring past traditions, Visesa offers a brand new level of luxury with soul.

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Located in a scenic area said to have a unique holistic energy, Visesa Ubud is a resort of choice for meditation, spiritual retreats and healing senses. Privileged sanctuary exuding stillness and balance, Visesa is a sacred place where traditional Balinese ceremonies and real daily life are celebrated. Offerings and prayers converging towards the resort majestic temple pervade the entire property with an atmosphere of spiritual harmony.

The 66 villas and 40 suites of the Visesa Ubud radiate the charm and soothing ambience of the surrounding countryside. On a generous 6.5 hectare site with rice fields on the room doorsteps, the resort aims at retaining Ubud reputation as a privileged place to reboot mind, spirit and body for an entire new generation of Bali visitors.

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A Sense of Coming Home

All Suites and Villas reflect a sense of contemporary Balinese elegance whilst retaining elements of an age-old architectural concept. Visesa Ubud offers an authentic tropical island feel inutmost comfort and style, overlooking rice fields, gardens and the surrounding lush jungle.

Desa Visesa Ubud Experience

We have gathered some local experts to provide services to those in pursuit of a holistic and spiritual journey. Awaken your divine energy and reveal your body, mind and soul inner connection. Book in advance and get benefits of private classes to initiate yourself to healing practices.

Visesa Culture

Desa Visesa presents a wealth of activities that

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reflect the authentic lifestyle and heritage traditions of a Balinese village.

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Visesa Balinese Healing & Spa

The Visesa Spa philosophy is based on authentic

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Bali Usada principles, a traditional knowledge for curing ailments with Ayurvedic medicinal plants, herbs and spices.

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Visesa Dining

Discover some celebrated recipes of the flavored

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and colorful Indonesian cuisine. Our talented chefs have created a menu that delivers surprising tastes and textures with subtle elegance.

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  • Daily breakfast for 2 person at Lesung Restaurant
  • One time Sun Salutation Yoga for 2 person
  • One time 60 minute Cave rituals and treatment for 2 person at Visesa Balinese Healing & Spa
  • Complimentary daily life activities based on schedule
  • Complimentary daily leisure activities based on schedule
  • Complimentary shuttle service to Ubud center


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What’s On

Weekend well-spent with families & friends!

weekens santai

Experience the beauty of Ubud’s nature, feel the gentle breeze from rice paddies and the delightful aromas to tantalize your taste-buds. Time to go and let the peaceful weekend begin!

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Tumpek Uduh

This ceremony falls every 210 days or six months in Balinese calendar, often called as Tumpek Uduh or Tumpek Bubuh. A day of decline Sanghyang Sangkara who maintain the safety of life of all plantations. Join us to celebrate the day of celebration start from 9 am at Taman Sari Area.

Kajeng Kliwon

It’s occurs every 15 days and a great day for cleansing your mind and home environment from negativity. On this day Balinese will meditate and pray to God Siwa for support and protection with special offerings.


‘Tilem’ has a meaning of the worshipping ritual to God of Sun, in Tilem, praying and worshipping are carried out to invoke blessings and gift of God.

Sugihan Jawa

Sugihan Jawa are divided into 2 words; from Sugi means cleaning and Jawa means outside. Therefore Sugihan Jawa can be interpreted as a ceremony to cleans Bhuana Agung or the universe.

Penyajahan Galungan

It’s two days before Galungan and marks a time of introspection for Balinese. And time to make jaja or the Balinese cakes. These colored cakes made of fried rice dough that used in offerings and are also eaten for Galungan.

Penampahan Galungan

It’s the day before Galungan, on this day, Balinese make traditional Balinese food, like lawar (a spicy pork and coconut sauce dish) and satay for offering and enjoy by family.


On this day Balinese will pray at the temples and bring their offerings. At the moment they will have a big family gathering.

Manis Galungan

Manis Galungan is the day right after Galungan, normally spent enjoying a day out with the family. There are no specific rituals or temple ceremonies on this day, it is holiday season.

Balinese Event -Tumpek Kandang

Tumpek Kandang is always held every six months. It aims to honoring animals and provide positive benefits for mankind.

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